Thursday, April 21, 2011

Words to live by!

Holla! I hope everyone’s been doing just great?

I came across these ‘wise sayings’ recently n I thought I should share. Please read n pick that which hits home *smiles*

The measure of a man is based on the position he places God in his life. If God ain’t priority, he CAN’T love you properly.

Ladies, A relationship should be a merger, not a take-over.

Men, understand that it’s an honour to be in the presence of a woman’s emotions, to be in that space is a privilege!

Ladies, if he doesn’t act right, he should get left!

Submission teaches a man accountability n gives the woman a clue to what kind of man he is by the countenance of his mentor.

Ladies, your single time is your BEST time. It gives you the chance to evaluate if he is worthy enough of you. 
Scripture says, U are the prize!

A woman should be able to trace a man’s spiritual lineage (mentorship).

Ladies, don’t be ‘blinded’ by what he has/does. Really, his maturity level determines if he is a ‘Man’ or ‘Boy’.

Ladies, don’t plan that weding and marriage until you have seen the FRUITS, not the words but the fruits of his maturity.

Ladies, Men do not make a mess and not clean up. Only pigs wallow in mess. Make sure he is a man and not a male pig.

A repentant man humbles himself and is broken by her pain. He wants to repair the damage and weeps privately for what he’s done to her.

Men, you cannot hurt a woman and then put a time limit on when she should get over the hurt.

Most men don’t understand sensitivity. Many only know how to HANDLE things!!! Sadly, they also try to HANDLE their women!

Dear daughter, when you fail to define yourself, you leave room for any man to come in and define you.

Learning to ignore some things is one of the great paths to inner peace.

You win some, you lose some and some get rained out…..but you have to get dressed for all of them- Satchel Paige.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Easter celebration while we remember the reason for the season.

Much love!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter.

So many rings truth for me..dunno which to pick ooo ;)

HoneyDame said...

Well said sistah!!!

kitkat said...

love all of them! where did u find them? lovely! i especially love the ones for ladies lol

NikkiSho said...

i'm actually going to note some down!!
Happy Easter

ABIGAIL NY said...

LOVE all of the quotes, big quotes fan!

Omoregee said...

Madam IB......:) I hope you had a nice Easter?

@Honey Dame....Tx n for following too :) do I! I'm gonna look for more *wink*

@NikkiSho....u got it. Hope you enjoyed your Easter, bunny? Lol!

@Abigail....Nice :)


Nice words with great lessons :)


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