Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meet Omoregee’s Man

Hi peoples! So, I really try to keep my personals off here and strictly focus on the vision that birthed Fountain Flows but I’m doing this for a number of people who have been bugging me for ‘that list’, you know that one with the qualities Omoregee’s man must possess. Well, I am sorry to burst your bubbles but there is NO LIST, just some qualities that I consider essential.

What I will be sharing stems from a message Myles Munroe shared and it has roots in Genesis 2. Emphasis is on the man because of his God-given position as the head of the home and the example here is from the first marriage (Adam n Eve), we can see a set order (Eden) in the way God brought Eve to Adam.

When God created Adam, He put him in His presence (Eden); that’s the very first thing God did for Adam, not a woman, not a job but His presence and so if a man doesn’t carry the presence of God, he really shouldn’t be thinking about marriage. Harsh? Well, don’t look at me like that, read your bible! If you want God’s approval, then you have to do it His way. If a man isn’t in the presence of God, I ain’t even looking at Him.

Moving on, the second thing God did for Adam is in Genesis 2:15, pray allow me spell it: W-O-R-K. God gave Adam work before a woman. A man needs to work before he gets a woman. In my opinion, what you do with your work will show how well you can care for a woman. God gave Adam the garden to TEND and KEEP….. that’s to CULTIVATE. It means to bring out the best in everything around you.  PLEASE NOTE: God only said this to the male (Adam). The man was ordained to be the provider for his family. Brothers, what you get out of something is directly proportional to the amount of effort and commitment you are willing to put into it, it’s a principle. What you want from your woman is based on what you are determined to do about it. The male was created by God to cultivate his wife and help her to be the best she could ever be. I am NOT a feminist, this is the way God planned it, and it is what it is.  Look what Jesus did with the church; He took out every blemish, wrinkle, washed her and then presented her to Himself, of course He was mighty pleased with the result! Omoregee desires a man who can bring her to the very best of herself, someone who is secure enough in himself to seek her best interests and won’t be threatened by her success. A man who wouldn’t impede her growth but will help her fulfill purpose and maximize her potentials.

Now after His presence, work and cultivation, God also told Adam to GUARD the garden, everything under His care. A man should guard and protect his woman, provide both spiritual and physical covering for her. Omoregee doesn’t want a man who leaves her to the mercy of influences and opinions. A man who will make his wife priority in his decisions is one in whom I am well pleased :D

Then God gave Adam His WORD: ‘Do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil’. Now a lot of people like to blame Eve for the downfall of man but she wasn’t even there when God gave Adam this Word! Can I get a man who knows, WORKS and WALKS the word?! Thank you, I’ll take that please! I cannot over emphasize the importance of a man being in position as the spiritual priest of his household, protecting and covering his home in the spiritual realm.

So, when God put the male in His presence, gave him work, had him cultivating, guarding and tending and also obeying His word, He then decided that it wasn’t good for THAT man to be alone, then he introduced him to the woman. So, until a man is doing all of the above, it is good for him to be ALONE, he has no business getting married. Now, if you have beef with that statement, please talk it out with the God, I am just the flow bearer yo! :D

Of course, these are not the only qualities I look out for but these are the ones I consider deal breakers. No, it is not a figment of my imagination, men who possess all of these and more exist and I know a number of them. So, if this is the kind of man you desire, don’t be discouraged, they may be in the minority but they are out there. Don’t let nobody tell you different and convince you to settle; what will work for Jill ain’t gonna cut it for Sarah because they are different and so are their destinations. For a journey set before you, you need to get the appropriate ‘ride’ that will get you there, in top condition.

So now that you’ve met Omoregee’s man, what do you think? J


Mo’ Omoregee 2013
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