Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mind over Matter

When I think about the intricacies that involve the mind, I am in awe especially because it seems like something particular to an individual yet totally out of grasp. The mind houses our thoughts, it’s where change is birthed, where decisions are made, where power is generated, where vision is conceived, where mistakes are made and where sin is committed. Most times, the act isn’t where we have gone wrong, it is in our inability to decide to do right in our mind and in the thoughts we give free reign which eventually gives birth to the act……we forget that our thoughts define us, before our actions do. The mind is so important yet we tend to undermine the potency of its power. We focus more on the exterior and allow it control the interior which will present a casualty because the interior was designed to control the exterior.

A computer is programmed to run based on the software applications installed in it. The monitor, keyboard and mouse are some of the external parts while the parts we cannot see, the Motherboard, CD Drives, Interface Card, Chip sets, RAM cards, etc are essentially what brings value to the computer. Now, note that the external parts are all the same but the RAM, programs and software applications differ and depend on the preference of the programmer. The value I get from my computer is not based on the screen or mouse type essentially but is because of what I can do with/on it. The problems I can solve with it, the things I can save on it, the different applications that serve to make my life easier and better.

Every human has a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth, two hands, two legs……same external features but what really makes us different is the programs (mindsets, idiosyncrasies, thought patterns, belief systems) we have installed in our minds. This determines the value we bring to our selves and the society. Now, when a virus is introduced into the computer, it distorts normal function and threatens to crash the hard drive. Sometimes, an antivirus can successfully clean the system out, but in the difficult cases, the drive needs to be formatted and totally wiped out to properly function again.

When the storms of life come our way, when challenges arise, when it seems like nothing is working and everything threatens to crash, how do we find a way to get back to a state of proper function? Think about it, the virus does not target the monitor, mouse or keyboard, it goes for the most important part of the computer which is vital to its function. We need to understand that the trials and issues we go through daily may seem overwhelming but if they cannot get to the very core of our being, we keep standing. Situations and circumstances will try to mess with your mind and distort the programs installed in there but this can only happen if you let them.

It is very important to have the right programs installed in our human system. What you feed into your mind is what comes back to you; the measure of work you subject your mind to will determine the measure of worth that you get. So many things that are totally against God’s standards have become the norm but the only way to stand firm and not conform is to ensure we have the right knowledge by updating (renewing) the programs(mind) continually from the manufacturers (God). In a world where so many incidences threaten our peace and faith, the only way to stay sane is to stay connected to a source of inner peace (God) which is inspite of circumstances, peace that surpasses all understanding.

With having the right program also comes the responsibility of installing a potent antivirus (faith), it is critical to load up your ‘antivirus’. When you buy a computer, you are advised to get a potent antivirus to install on the system before you begin use, this is because for a computer that will live up to its value and use, lots of applications, internet downloads and file transfers will occur. These activities will present a viral threat but the presence of an antivirus protects the system from crashing. You can try to watch the discs and flash drives (songs and videos) you use on the system, the sites you visit (company and friends) and files you download on the internet but some viruses are stubborn and tricky and still find a way of sneaking up on you. When you have an already installed potent antivirus though, the virus meets a dead end and gets destroyed.

I remember this story of a sick man in the hospital but the doctors couldn’t diagnose his ailment. A close friend told him about some medicine that could heal him but he had to take it religiously. The man having tried different physicians to no avail decided to have faith in his friend’s medication. He took the meds routinely and started getting better, eventually he came back to good health and when he asked his friend what drug he was given his friend smiled and said, ‘candy’.

What you believe in will work for you. The mind is so powerful; it can control the body irrespective of what may be happening to it. A healthy mind can heal a sick body, family or nation. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you can conceive those ideas in your mind, you can realize them. We need to stop focusing on the challenges that threaten our growth and channel our efforts into building the right mindsets that will transform our lives. Culture, people, background, friends, the environment, recession, challenges cannot hold you down if they cannot penetrate into your mind to dilute and distort the way you think. The mind takes preeminence over whatever the matter may be, if you let it. YOU get to decide how situations will affect you. I leave you with words from Napoleon Hill, ‘there is no limitation to the mind except that which we acknowledge’.

Muchos lovos
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