Monday, April 11, 2011

Eko o ni baje!

'Everyman sent out from his university should be a man of his Nation as well as a man of his time.' - Woodrow Wilson.

Hi blog-pals, hope we had fabulous weekends yeah?

This deviates from my regular posts in a tiny winny way. Yea, we still going to talk about love but this time, it wouldn't be about the mushy mushy boy-girl thingy......this time I'm about the love for a city.

I remember I used to dread the city of Lagos like it was a plague. Say Lagos and all I could think of was traffick jams, one-chance, kidnap, non-existing power, notorious Oshodi, Danfo survival, flooding during the rains, noise, dirt, too many people, robbery........just name any vice n I easily linked it to Lagos. Insanity! I vowed never to live in Lagos, why suffer when places like Abuja exists?

January 1, 2008, my family n I cruised into Lagos for our usual LIG Family Re-union.....right from the 'Aro-meta', we started seeing changes. My dad could not stop talking about how clean the streets were. You see, he was born, buttered, sugared n Tea-d in Lagos n it had been awhile since he saw a clean Lagos. No traffick. The land was looking green n sane. He was impressed with the present government.

The heart is the center of a man's being. It controls almost everything about him. Little wonder the good book tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it springs the issues of life. True words. As a man would think in his heart, so is he. Now, who wouldn't agree with me that Lagos is the heart of Nigeria? Anybody?

Even with all the 'terrible' testimonies about Lagos, the people ain't leaving, rather what you see is an influx of people from in and out of the nation looking for greener pastures. Relatives invite their people from the village communities to come n make a living in Lagos. Thousands of people come into the city to transact business on a daily basis. Live the life, partake of the a Lag babe/bobo is concerned. Societies n international organizations recognize the city n it has a whole lot of awards to its name. You just cannot undermine the effect this city has on the nation as a whole.

Imagine a Japan without Tokyo, imagine a United States without New York, imagine a United Kingdom without, imagine a Nigeria without Lagos.

In case you are wondering if this is a campaign, dispel that thought. I'm not even a Lagos indigene, but when I see progress, I commend it. Kudos to the Babatunde Raji Fashola government for working on Lagos n making it work. I came across the I SEE LAGOS page on Facebook which encourages people to air n express their visions for Lagos. The BRF government seeks to hear from the people; what do you want from Lagos? What do you see when you see Lagos? Please visit this link to share your vision-

Share your ideas n concepts and be rest assured it would be taken into consideration. Who knows, you might be getting a contract.

We can make it better, we can make changes. For my peeps in diaspora,  but just imagine a Lagos with a dysfunctional do you wanna visit n come home? We all know MM2 is still the most functional airport in Naija, last time I checked. So, this is about you too. This is a chance to give your input.

My song definitely isn't the same......I sing a different note now. Lagos still has its hustle n bustle, but living is a lot better. At least each day, we have power supply for 12 hours (give/take). The roads are clean, waste management works. Transportation is better, I am yet to be robbed n I can walk through Oshodi without being tosssed about. I'll say Lagos is working.

So, dear blog-fam......this is about my found love for Lasgidi (Lagos). I am a Lasgidi babe confirmed!

Please visit the I SEE LAGOS Facebook page or website to leave your ideas-

'The Lagos we SEE is the future we'll have'

Eko o ni baje!

Much love!


NikkiSho said...

This post has been approved!! lol
true talk miss,i'm really happy with the changes i hear about concerning the election.eko o ni baje o and Nigeria too

Femi Adeyemi said...

Well said dear. BRF has made me proud to be a Lagosian too. I pray the changes will be long-lasting,amen.

Lagos is the original 'concrete jungles that dreams are made of', not AKeys 'NewYork'. Lol.

'ISeeLagos', where the markets are tarred, and the meat sellers are dressed in clean attires.


Eko oni baje o.. lol
Nice one. U dey do ur job wella :)


BIGshot said...


Omoregee said...

@NikkiSho....ha ha, Tx hun. I say Amen. Now, lets have your input on the I SEE LAGOS page :)

@Femi.....Lol. I say Amen. I like your vision....I hope you put it on the page? Tx :)

@LDP......O baje ti! Lets see u on the page buddie n btw, I av a message for u.....

@BIGshot......ha ha.....lets see u too. Tx :)

Adebola said...

What I see in Lagos is a city/state whose denizens will always ensure that the country moves forward by: A) Bringing in the most modern technological/cultural/lifestyle trends & B) Remaining an independent source/support of (constructive) criticism and opposition to the (federal) powers that be!

Dolapo Kuforiji said...

Nice...good write up,you should have joined his campaign team

Yenny one advice,still hold tightly to your bag oo cuz they still very much snatch bags at

June said...

Hmmmmm..... Lagos Kan Naija Kan......Ko ni baje oooo...... I see lagos to be the land where drreams come true..... where everyone dreams of when growing up to make his/her first few pounds....sorry naira...... I see lagos to be the land where destinies are shaped and reformed......a lagos where its record will be changed from the fifth worst city to live in to be the fifth best city to live in......that is a lagos i see.....BRF can't do it alone...... He needs me and you to make it happen.......Let us come together and make lagos change it's slogan from Eko o ni baje to Eko o le baje (For those who dont understand Yoruba..... FROM LAGOS WUDNT SPOIL TO LAGOS CAN@T SPOIL)...... Moyeni....keep up the spirit....nice one.....

Daughter of Her King said...

LOVE IT.... cant wait to see my city...

Omoregee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Omoregee said...

@Adebola.......hmmmn, nice one. Lets have it on the page.....Tx.

@Dolapo.....ha ha, I hear u oh.

@June......Yes o! Eko o le baje. Nice one June, Tx :)

DOHK..........You should! :)

Anonymous said...

I like our Governor that is working but am yet to decide becox in trying to achieve his goal, SOME set of people suffered ;THE GRASS ROOT! A customer whom i do buy films from spent 3months in kirikiri prison because he was caught hawking along the streets and when he could not bail himself with 15k from alausa he was sent to there according to the bill passed by fashola administration he said there are many of them there becox they were trying to hustle to feed themselves without going into crime....when PDP used this against Fashola during the debate, all the KAI people were cleared away from the road for the past 3 weeks now..which says a lot! question is why now????

Adura Ojo (aka Naijalines) said...

Eko o ni baje o! I love this campaign. Fashola is my favourite governor in the whole history of Lagos, Nigeria even. My prayer is that his wonderful legacy is maintained by future governors who take over the mantle after he is done.

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