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The heart of a man is the essence of his soul, his place of feelings and emotions. It is where we love, hurt, grudge, plot and conceive things; no wonder God says to us, ‘guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life’. This means that everything that pertains to life takes root in your heart and it will direct the course of your life.

Now if the heart is essential for your living and could determine the outcome and kind of life you live, shouldn’t you be paying a lot of attention to what you allow in, out and to take root in your heart? The bible also says that, ‘the heart of man is desperately wicked’. This tells me that the natural man, no matter how much he tries will lean towards conceiving evil in his heart, it is only natural and he is taking up the normal characteristic of the flesh. You may think and say to yourself, does it mean once I am born again, my heart ceases to be wicked? ‘If any man be (is consistent) in Christ, he is a new creature, old things have passed away and behold, all things become new’. With your re-birth in Christ comes a new heart and as you grow in Him, the Holy Spirit ministers to and guides your heart, provided you let Him. The natural man will give in to his fleshy desires (Gal 5: 19 – 21) and such person will not be a partaker of the blessings of God’s kingdom but the spirit man is guided by the Spirit and so can overcome his flesh. Gal 5: 25 tells us that God’s spirit gives us life and so we should allow ourselves to be led by His spirit. Note that your will and choice is involved. You have to decide to allow His Spirit rule you; you have to let your will be overridden by His spirit. In as much as the Holy Spirit is in control and guides your heart, it is your responsibility to guard your heart and watch what you allow in and out of it. If you allow ‘filth’, the Holy Spirit cannot stand it hence you gradually will silence Him in you.

Where am I going? I have tried to establish the importance of having our heart governed by the right authority, for it to be in the right condition and also to emphasize that we decide the state and affairs of our heart. Stop to think. For God to have said ‘GUARD your heart’, that means you are protecting it against something. It means there would be issues, thoughts, situations and circumstances that would want to bring or stir up the wrong emotions and feelings in us, but it is within our power to control and decide how we let these issues ‘enter’ our hearts. Haven said this; you might understand me when I say to people that no man can break my heart, because I wouldn’t even give him the opportunity to. Does this sound unreal and mouthy to you? Well, it is what I have come to see and believe. Now, a man could hurt me, but he cannot break my heart, there is a difference.

Many a times when a relationship hits the rock, it splits and one or both hearts are said to be ‘shattered’ into bits. Oh yea? If them hearts are shattered, then geez these people shouldn’t be alive, that’s on a lighter note. Based on who and what ends the relationship, especially if one person cheated, the other person seems to think the world has come to an end and perhaps cannot find it in his/her heart to love again. I tell you if you allow that, you are exactly where the devil wants you. When your heart is in ‘pieces’, how can issues of life spring forth? I have heard stories of how a girl commits suicide because her fiancĂ© called the relationship quits and how a guy became a wreck because his girl married someone else, and then they say these people destroyed their lives, you might even know some of them. How can someone have such power over another person’s life? Shall we call that love?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is who owns and governs your heart? That guy/babe you love so much, who gave him/her to you? I love God because He first loved me. I make bold to say that the reason why a guy/girl can break your heart is because you probably have not made God your first love and no 1 ‘sweetheart’. Perhaps that guy/chic has taken His place in your life. I say this because if indeed God holds the first and foremost position in your heart and life, in spite what anyone does and irrespective of what happens, you would know that all things work together for your good. Now I know some of you may be thinking, she probably hasn’t experienced it and that’s why she thinks like this. I have been hurt (maybe not in the context of a guy jilting me, but I know what a hurting heart feels like), time and again, I felt the pain but I didn’t let it shatter me, I didn’t let it destroy me, I didn’t allow it put in me the inability to trust again, I didn’t let it put in me the inability to give of myself again, I didn’t let it lead me to make some harsh decisions, I didn’t let it make me decide to ‘use and dump’ people, I didn’t let it keep me from loving totally again’. People will hurt and disappoint us, but the good news is we don’t have to handle these hurts and disappointments alone. We need to get to that point where we can turn our disappointments no matter what they are over to God and begin to see them as His appointments.

Who says that guy/ girl is the best person for you? You might think you wouldn’t find another person as wonderful as he/she is but where God is in control of your life, always know that ALL things, (no matter how disappointing and ‘heartbreaking’ they are) work together for your GOOD! Stop limiting yourself in your thoughts. I like to think this way, if a guy should tell me he doesn’t think he can continue with our relationship and he wants out, of course, I would want reasons and would try to see how to work it out, but, if and when his mind is made up, I really cannot force him and while based on how I feel about him and how all the time and effort I have invested in the relationship seems to be coming to naught, I would say to myself, ‘well, it was worthwhile knowing him, but I guess God has someone better planned for me. Perhaps he’s not right for my purpose. If with all my efforts, he wants out, perhaps he is not right for me and its better he leaves so the right person can come my way. If he has decided on another girl, I say it’s his loss because I know my worth and what I ‘carry’ and I know I am an ideal woman. I am glad because through the relationship, I influenced him positively and so wherever he goes he would always remember me for those things’. As a man will think in his heart, so he will become. Your thoughts have a healing effect on your emotions. Think right, the way God will want you to. I doubt He would want you to think the hope of a partner is doomed because that would mean you don’t trust Him. That in essence could be God’s way of taking you two apart; because He is merciful enough not to allow you make a mistake. If he/she is God’s will for you, it will come to pass.

So, people, the next time you want to throw a pity party and wallow in your ‘heartbreak’, I suggest you stop to think of what exactly you are saying to God. I ain’t saying don’t pour out your hurts, I am saying turn them over to Him and let Him work and walk you through ‘em.

Much love.


Today's ranting said...

Hmmmmmm this si very true. I agree with you completely. Your blog is really nice and you write so well.

blogoratti said...

Stop limiting yourself in your thoughts...liking that*
Thanks for sharing!

Omoregee said...

Today's Ranting.....really? Thank you so much, n I'm glad you agree.

blogoratti, Thanks for reading :)

Daughter of Her King said...

I love and agree with all you've said.. This is another part of my personal life experiences I want to share. It seems to me that you had a crystal ball looking into my life lol..

I thank God that GOD is faithful....

Omoregee said...

@DoHK! Really, I am looking forward to you sharing....

Lol @ Crystal Ball. I'll say we've just had similar situations/experiences yeah?

Tx :)

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