Monday, February 14, 2011


I don’t know, but something tells me I haven’t really experienced ‘Valentine’ in the real sense of it. Perhaps I would be more certain if I actually knew what Valentine is or is supposed to be. Some say it’s a season of love; to love and show love. Others say it’s a time for lovers to specially appreciate each other. Yea, a lot of definitions come up when its Valentine day, but one thing every party seems to agree upon is LOVE, that’s the key word for Valentine.

So, Can I say we are celebrating love today? Are you celebrating love my friend? How? Is it just with that special someone? Is that what and how it’s meant to be? Shall love be personalized and customized? How many of us really do know and understand what love is all about anywayz?

I just got off chatting with a dear friend, oops; I meant arguing (smiling). Hey now, I’m not anti-guyz, I’m for real about that, but erm, of all the guyz who wanted to be my val and trust me they were quite a number (I’m a fine gal u know…hehehe), NONE of ‘em came bearing gifts; not even a call! Why? Oh, I’ll tell you why; I wasn’t committing myself. Okay! Maybe they don’t love me, but valentine is supposed to be about giving….or not?

Why do we have to love in anticipation of a reward? Hmmm? Why can’t we just love and expect nothing? Just give and give without expecting to receive even though you might receive. I stand to be corrected, but I wanna assume this guyz held back because I didn’t bear/show my encouragement and perhaps they doubted if it would be a worthy investment and before you start crucifying me guyz; just take awhile to ponder on what I’m saying…’s not just about the guyz though, ladies are guilty too, I just used that scenario to express my point.

Now, some relationship experts and human psychologists say ladies are naturally built to receive and guyz to give, I choose to talk about just humans now, let’s forget the gender. You can contest this but God originated love, it is who HE is. It’s HIS being. So, if He brought love to existence, He knows what love is about. He demonstrated unconditional love when Jesus died blameless for sinners. Now, you may say, ‘but He also expected our repentance, He bought us with that act’, but how  then can you explain His grace, mercy and forgiveness? His provision, protection and blessings even though you have done absolutely nothing to deserve them? Did He do all these for a reward too? I bet not!

I am nowhere near demonstrating unconditional love yet, but I can’t help but wonder how the world would be a better place if we tried it. Chocolates, cards, perfumes, teddy bears are changing locations today, but is this what Valentine really should be about? Just that special someone to spoil and be spoiled? What about those who don’t have to give? Those who have never been loved or know what it is to be loved?

Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to appreciate your loved ones today and one of the demonstrations of loving is giving, so, it’s also nice to exchange gifts but hey, don’t get carried away now and forget to actually show that love; let it reflect. It is kind, patient, suffers long, does not rejoice at evil, does not boast, does not demand its own… is selfless, true love that is. So, I ask, if your special one gave you nothing today even though you got everything for him/her, how would you feel? Would it be okay? Can you actually give without expecting to get anything in return? Sounds Herculean yea?

See peeps, I wouldn’t even front and say I’m there, but I realize that even though it would be nice to love and be loved; to give and receive…….the real essence of true loving is to do it unconditionally; no buts. So, as we celebrate love today, think about the nice and kind things you can do for people without getting a reward for it, then do them. Try to give off yourself without expecting a reward; the interesting thing though is that for as long as you give, you would always receive…maybe not from your recipient, but you would get back if you give, it’s a diehard principle. So, don’t be scared to give selflessly, He said you would get back good measure pressed down. Give with a cheerful heart, love genuinely, express unhindered.

It sounds like a not-to-easy-thing-to-do, but give it a trail, just for today yeah, and see how it goes. Remember, it is better to give than to receive…..I didn’t say it!

Happy Valentine,



doll said...

happy valentine

Omoregee said...

Happy Valentine to u too doll :)

Mwajim Al said...

Giving without expectation is very *very* hard to say the least. It really reveals to you how much you actually care about the person... makes me think of God... mehn that dude up there is a bundle of love to give everything and know that we may only give back an eel of what he has given or none at all... deep lessons.

Omoregee said...

For real, it seems almost impossible, but really aren't we trying to emulate Him? We can do it......thanks for stopping by :)

Temilolu said...

Now you catch my fancy...

Dee! said...

Yeah! It is great to give with a cheerful heart and always show love!

Hope you had a beautiful Valentine's day?

Beautiful template.

Omoregee said...

Yeah, I sorta did,I hope u did too? Thank you :)

NikkiSho said...

jst gave you an award :)
come 2 my blog to claim it

Omoregee said...

Aww, just saw this....thanks Nikki :)

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