Monday, June 21, 2010


Yes, for real, there comes that time in our lives when all we want is just to have someone special to call our own. Someone to share your life with. Someone who gets you like no one does, someone who’s on the same page with you, someone who excites you, cares for you and nutures you. Valentine’s day upon valentine’s day roll by each year and when you see different couples with different styles of celebrating love, you say to yourself; where in Heavens is this ‘special someone?’ Where’s ‘prince charming’, or the ‘queen of my heart’? Why is he/she taking so long to show up? Im not getting younger. In a bid to be encouraged you say to yourself, I’ll be patient, it pays to be patient. I’ll wait for the right person, for that special someone, but you know deep within you that that’s easier said than done, because everytime you think about it, it weighs you down. Ok, check now, maybe this is the reason he/she hasn’t shown up, that attitude is just not right!

You are in a waiting period, or is it a searching period? You have a destination. You have a dream. Instead of despair, you should enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going! Some weeks ago in church while pastor was teaching about relationships, he celebrated the singles and made them realize that that stage is a blessed stage. That is the time you have to set your template and create the kind of life you want to live.

What are you doing while you wait for that special someone? Are you ready? The singles life is a somewhat free life. There is no better time to work on yourself. That is the time to build your values and principles. That is the time to prune your excesses and bad habits. That is the time to seek God, not just because you need a partner, but because you need Him in your life. That is the time to actively work for God, forget about finding that special one and concentrate on your walk with God. He already said that He would keep in perfect peace he whose heart is stayed on Him. Where’s your heart? When your heart is given to God, He'll lead it to where your treasure lies. It’s not the time to go after series of trial and error dating which most times turns out less fun than you thought it would be and could lead to you missing it. God knows the desires of our hearts, He put them there and He is a respecter of our ability to choose and decide. He knows what is best for us and that is why we should just hand it over to Him and focus on getting our selves ready. You want the right person, have you made yourself right? We may think we have read all the books, studied all that there is to know, maybe we even counsel some of our friends in relationships, but, it may shock you to know that by God’s standards you are not even near set to go. It may just be that tiny winny little thing He’s been convicting you of that’s holding ‘things’ from happening. For some, there are just somethings that are not in place that if the special one were to show up, it could spell trouble. His thoughts towards us are of good, not evil to bring us to our expected ends.

Now, instead of wallowing and sighing in your despair, rise up and begin to live a single, but sassy life. Grow in your spiritual walk, improve on you, work on your weaknesses, build up your strengths, discover who you really are if you don’t know, get your purpose clear(when you know where you are going, you can’t just afford to take anything that comes your way), fan your gifts to flame, develop your potentials, make yourself an asset and at the appointed time, the line will fall for you in a pleasant place.

I remember this soundtrack from the movie FIREPROOF……

While I’m waiting, I will serve You,
While I’m waiting, I will worship,
While I’m waiting, I will not faint,
I’ll be running the race even while I wait.

I don’t know about you, but I have decided I’m gonna be single, sassy and satisfied? Haha, then I wouldn’t be true, no, I won’t be satisfied with being single but I sure will ENJOY it, while it lasts.

Much love.


treasureslink said...

thanks alot
pls keep this up

Omoregee said...

Thanks treasureslink....I appreciate you :)

'lanrewaju 'demoladebiyi said...

this is factual,inspiring,lifting,prompt and just in time to what many of "us" needs right now..okay mayb only i need this...i'll kip this one statement in d storage part of my head....while i wait,i'll work more at my me.enjoy my single in a sazzy way but not satisfied.tnks I.D

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