Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keep it moving, he’s taken!

The reward for hard work is usually success, not all the time but most of the time. Success requires a lot of hard work and some more. You need determination, diligence, consistency, wisdom and lots of faith. It is possible to work hard and not work smart, usually I find that to work smart, I always have to draw up my scale of preference to decide what is most important and work from that to the less important. These and some other things but that’s beside the focus of this write up here.

I have come to discover that the more one works at something, the clearer one’s perspective is and the better one becomes; be it a skill, art or intellectual rite. It’s the same ol’ saying- ‘practice makes a man perfect’ you want to make something better, you don’t go to sleep, you stay awake and work at it, learning new ways to improve and add value and if you keep it at, you begin to reap the fruits of your labour. Its like watching a lily flower open up, days of nurture, attention and the bud sprouts and opens into a beautiful flower. The feeling of satisfaction and joy is profound.

Now, it doesn't come easy, that's why its called HARD work. You put in all that time n effort, nurture, attention, investment, resources and so much heart and just when you are about ready to lean back and enjoy the harvest from nowhere comes the thief, wanting the results but not the work.

Oh yes, Miss Husband Snatcher, I just drove up your avenue.

Each time i hear about Lil Miss Thing going after someone’s husband, I wonder where the bolt that’s supposed to keep the sense intact went to. It’s not even so much about the die-hard principle of seed time n harvest which no one can do anything about, or the law of karma that tells us ‘what goes around comes around’ but I just can’t help but do they sleep at night?

How do you live with yourself knowing the havoc you are causing in a home n union put together by God? Lady, you wanna mess with somebody, please don’t choose God, you will drown! A marriage is ordained by God, He is very much interested in that institution and when He gets reports about someone messing it up, He doesn’t take it lightly at all! To be held responsible for breaking up a covenant is not a good add on your CV, trust me, you don’t want to be in the ring facing God, you could never win. I mean the so many reasons and excuses these strange women give ...... ‘she doesn’t meet his needs’ ‘she doesn’t satisfy him sexually’ ‘he’s lonely’ bla bla bla.......Jesus is coined ‘saviour’ not you honey.....there is absolutely no reason justifiable to be entangled with a married man.

I know some men go after other ladies even while married, but if they had no one to indulge ‘em, I wonder what they will do? Let’s see......they probably would be forced to look into their marriages and work at it, since they have no one/place to turn to.....and this is how it should be. Now, there are some men minding their business and here comes Lil Miss Thing recognising what a mine he is sets her claws to score herself ‘a good catch’. Either she’s looking to entertain herself, milk him dry or take over the wife position, whatever the motive is, the handle is- that kind of strategy has no blessing in it. Ain’t nothing sugary about a daddy or uncle, you can’t grow while causing somebody pain, it doesn’t work that way.

When a man is married, he is off limits, committed, taken, sold out, off the market, not available, $%^#!&%$!.........for those who don’t speak English. Personally, when a guy is in a relationship, he is off limits for me but I understand there is still a possibility of him making a different choice in the future but with marriage, he already made a choice and sweetie, it isn’t you. He chose her, forget that fib about he wishing he met you first, believe it or not, there were other options around when he chose her and he didn’t do it with his eyes closed, men don’t make such decisions half-heartedly, it is a very calculated one. Now, as if playing second fiddle isn’t bad enough, you really think he loves you don’t you? Then why is he still in the marriage? I mean God gave you a brain sister, please use it!

Why do you have to go after what belongs to someone else? You don’t believe you are good enough to get yours? You don’t trust God to bless you with a good man? That man is attractive to you because his wife invested in him, why don’t you also invest in a man and watch him blossom? And when he does, would you like to give him away to another woman?

I think there are enough men to go around if you would just be patient and wait for yours. Is there a delay? Pray, work on yourself, acquire skills, become a better person. If you admire and would like someone like Mr. Husband, do not covet him, try and find out what it takes to attract someone like him. Even if he does leave his wife for you, can you be sure he wouldn’t also leave you for another Miss Thing? Stop setting yourself up for failure, be honourable, keep your claws off married men and the good Lord will smile upon you.

Having respect for marital commitment can also be the beginning of wisdom, ‘cause that shows you fear the Lord and the next time you spot a sister gunning after a married man, you know what you gotta do.........give her a good punch, to knock some sense into her. I'm Kidding!!!



@ilola said...

I like your direct approach to the article.

It takes 2 to tango. Most times, both parties are at fault but I get very angry when a lady makes it her life goal to chase a married man. What goes around comes around

Omoregee said...

@ilola......touche! Thanks for reading

A-9ja-Great said...

This cracked me up @ Oh yes, Miss Husband Snatcher, I just drove up your avenue.

Well,most women for who they are don't like to labour but they like to eat something good.Have you tried asking a gurl what her idea man should be?

Omoregee said...

@A-9ja-Great....Hmmmn, I don't agree that women don't like to labour but I agree we like good thingz....who doesn't? :D Its just SOME women that want the harvest with no sowing.

I hear all sorts about the 'ideal' man/woman, we all know what we want but it is important to recognize n respect limits.....marital commitment carries the 'off-the-market' sign.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Fountain Flows! :)

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